The Last of Us Review (Spoilers)


I didn’t play this game because of anything going on in the world right now…nope…not at all…

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to play this for awhile. Especially hearing about the dynamic between Joel and Ellie over the course of the game. Being a dad of a girl, I can relate and can see why Joel wants to protect her (Especially after the beginning of the game, and when we find out Ellie is immune.)

But when I was playing the game…I was conflicted. Let’s be honest here… Joel’s a bit of a dick. Like yeah, its the post-apocalypse, but still. He does become more human during the game, and he does grow closer to Ellie. I liked when he lets her shoot for the first time, but there were times I was like “Damn man, cut her some slack”

Which brings me to the ending…I thought it was rushed a bit. I get why it ended like it did. They wanted an ambiguous ending.

Here’s how I would have written the ending:

You keep the lie and Ellie’s reaction..but then you see her walk twoards the camp.

Cut to Joel standing there watching her walk away. he sighs…

Cut to a far shot him walking with the space between them. You zoom out to the camp and the woods….fade to black, roll credits.

Gameplay-wise…It’s brutal as fuck….combat… the atmosphere, the tone…but can also beautiful as well. That giraffe scene was amazing.

Overall it’s a good game. Plan on playing on part 2 when I get the money.

Now, lets just hope Covid doesn’t turn us into clickers. Because seriously, fuck those things.

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Inner child

my inner child.
he lives in me
as a default
when things go wrong

but i cant anymore
so why fight it?
I really want to change.
but it still tells me no.


I wanna speak to it now:

It’s over. its been that way for while
You can’t fight everything.
gotta take the high road.

I know. its not fun.
But so isnt not having money
and not having stability.

We lost ones we loved because I listened to you.
And its gotten ne fired.
Also in alot of trouble.

Well, fuck that.

Well, you not the boss. I am.
You are not my future. I am
You did not make mistakes, I did
You are just a mndset.

I fact, youre just an excuse.
time to move on.
Will you die? no.

I am here.
Not going away.
And thats all that

The Dark

There’s a place in my mind somewhere

Beyond my depression

Just to the left of my anxiety,

It’s called the dark. 

It’s a place the suffering is.

Where selfishness becomes normal

It’s at the surface, 

Like a layer of hell.

“Abandon all hope…” it whispers to me 

Self-hate is in there,

Those two are neighbors, ya know?

Sharing stories of failure within.

Dancing like nothing is wrong.

There’s one more thing there. 

It’s at the bottom.

The option to trap me.

Take my body with me

No going back from that

Mindfulness showed me where it is,

 The dark is there

 still comes and says hi.

Is it wrong that I know it’s there?

Can’t deny it. It will come and trap me.

Must let it come and go.

Be more aware.

Can’t just let it in

It’s too crowded in here anyway

Doomed to Burn Chapter 1

The first time that Amber discovered her powers was on a Saturday. There’s no special meaning behind it happening on a Saturday. But, Amber found it interesting anyway.

She was at the mall with her friend Claire. They knew each other in the neighborhood from a young age. Her father Derek trusted her (mostly). Claire promised to have Amber back home by 6 for dinner, and she was 17 with a license.

It was not even two when they walked into a girl’s clothing store. Amber had never been a girl that cared about fashion. Derek gave her that choice from a young age. She liked dresses from time to time so she humored Claire by going with her.

Pop music was in the background while they looked around. “How about this one?” Clare held up a blue dress.
“You always say that… we’ve been looking for an hour…Even though I have my limits…come on…”
Amber sighed she pulled out. a red and pink one
“How about this?”
“Not bad.”
“You’re supposed to be helping.”
“This is me helping you”
“Ok ok…gotcha”
“Try it on”
Amber gave Clare a blank look on her face. “Seriously. It might fit.”
Amber and Clare walked to the back of the store. Amber locked the door behind her. As she was trying her dress on, Clare texted her:

Don’t panic. Wrath is here.

Amber was distracted at first by how much the dress fit her. Snug but not too tight. She noticed her curves subtlety making the shape. The fact that Sara Roth, AKA the Wrath was there didn’t really phase her. She opened the door and twirled for Claire.

“Very nice. You gonna get it?”
“Maybe. Where is she?”
“She’s looking at leggings.”
“Still don’t think they’re pants”

Amber and Clare walked up to the register and as Claire who had a job were paying for it, Sara and stood behind her in line.

” Where’s your sunscreen?” Sara asked in her usual abrupt tone. During Gym class together, Sara noticed that Amber had to put on sunscreen before getting dressed. No one knew about the powers yet but for whatever reason the bright lights in the gym made her skin feel warm and peeled over like she was in the sun all day.

“These lights are fine,” Amber said while still facing forward. They grabbed the receipt and halfway ran out of the store.
“Get some sunglasses. You’ll even more like an outcast.”

“The hell is she talking about?” Amber told her.
“Well, that’s just stupid. It’s just a front for her own insecurities.”

Amber started to stomp as she walked. Her head started to feel like it’s on fire. They both walked out of the parking lot Steam starting to come up out of the payment as she walks in the parking lot. They got in Clare’s car and they took off.

Amber was silent during the ride home. Staring out the window. Clare knew that this was n’t a good sign. They were driving past an empty
field. Clare pulled over.
“I don’t see any cops. What’s going on?”
” I should ask you the same question. Why are you so quiet?”
“It was Wrath. I knew she was gonna say that.”
“Amber come on, you’re smarter than that. Sara’s more insecure than you.”
“Oh gee, thanks.”
“She’s not worth thinking about. She’s not even in any of your classes. Do you see her at the gym? That’s not bad “
“It’s different. She’s pushing my buttons.”
“You know how many times my parents push mine?”
” I know it just makes my head hurt.” Clare touched a side of her head. A sizzle came out like a cold piece of meat on a skillet.
” Fuck!” Clare yelled out. She shook out her hand.

Amber got restless and got out of the car. She started aimlessly walking. The sun was out. It was fall. The crunch on her feet and the mounds of dirt told her that this was a harvested cornfield.

Clare was still on the side of the road. “Stopping here was a bad idea. Let’s just go.”
Amber looked around. ” I don’t see any houses or farms, I think we’re good. Just give me a minute.”

Amber put the back of one of the hands-on her head like she was checking for a fever. There was no sizzle but she didn’t notice. She looked down. A scarecrow was on the ground in overalls and flannel shirt with a jack-o’-lantern as a head and an old Red Sox hat next to it.

Amber lifted the scarecrow. The leaves that were inside the clothes She walked back a few feet and said to Clare “Stand back, I wanna try something.”

Amber took a few steps back and but the back of her head and she was feeling hot. ” Are you ok?” “Give me a minute.” and she took a few steps back. She looked up at the sun. She could feel the warmth, even though it was slightly floating above her hands. She went through the same ritual as she did at the river. The small orb started to form in her hand.
Clare could see this from her car. “What’s wrong with your hand?” “The orb got bigger and bigger. Her whole body got hot. Steam came off her body. She held the orb for as long as she could until the orb touched her.

As soon as she felt it, she flung her arms out and the orb shot out towards the scarecrow. It caught fire immediately. Amber stood in awe as the scarecrow was on fire, Smoke was billowing out towards the road. Clare ran to the trunk, opened the trunk and grabbed the two-gallon water jugs that she had for her recreational soccer games. She ran to the scarecrow with both jugs that were on the ground, still burning.

Amber couldn’t move or take your eyes off of it. Clare popped the top of the jugs and the flames went out

” OK, now we gotta go.” She took Amber’s wrist and dragged her along. They both got in the car and took off.

“The hell was that?!” Clare yelled out.
After a pause, Amber said, “Don’t tell my dad.”
” I won’t but just tell me.”
” I was…just thinking about Sara and I felt the sun in me.”
” In you?”
” Yeah, it was like… in me.”
“….You were possessed…by the sun?”
“No… Like I asked for its power. And it came out of me.”
Another pause.

“Does your Dad know?” Clare Asked
“How’d he take it?”
“Not too bad actually.”
“Smart Dad.”
“Think anybody at school will find out?”
“You sure?”
“Pretty sure.”
Pause again. She looked at Clare. ” As long as my mom doesn’t find out. Which she probably won’t cause I don’t know where the fuck she is.”

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring book review

While I’ve been doing these reviews, I made the unconscious decision to not review novels. Trying to analyze and critique things is easy with other media. But I’ve been writing a novel. So it feels weird. Especially when it comes to one that’s considered a classic.

So I’ll try to review this with respect.

Being a fan of reading, there are certain books that people think of when it comes to a certain genre.

Political Dystopia? 1984 or Fahrenheit 451

Parody/comedy? Hitchhikers guide

Epic horror? IT

Crime thriller? Silence of the lambs

And the lord of the rings series is that when it comes to fantasy.

I was reluctant to even read it because I couldn’t watch the movies because of the length.

But it was on my list. So I bought the audiobook and dove in

I tried doing The Hobbit. While good, felt like a side story more than anything. But Fellowship amps up the action.

What really surprised me was how accessible the prose is. Besides some outdated terms, This book could be written today and it’d still be good.

Another thing was the character development is a slow burn. He shows traits in short bursts when the plot calls for it. It’s amazing how those plot mechanics were used back then.

One thing that annoyed me was the songs. Yes, it helps with the whimsical world, but happened too much.

Speaking of slow burns, it has a “let me tell you a tale” vibe. It can be tedious at times but you get used to it. But the action scenes hold up and sucked me in.

So…yeah…it holds up. I’ll be giving my thoughts on the two towers when m done with part 2

Also Mount Doom is most cheesy but awesome name for a place in a novel I’ve ever heard.

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Tool’s Lateralus: A Prog-Rock self help album

There are a few albums I can listen to, and all the songs are memorable and can have an impact. Tool’s fourth album, Lateralus, is one of those. Each song (except one) has an insightful or positive message behind it:

The Grudge is about how people’s egos can get in the way of how we feel towards each other. And simply if you let go, you’ll forget all about it.

The Patient is about being…well, patient. It is dead-on about the feeling of things not being worth the wait or the effort especially with this part:

“If there were no rewards to reap
No loving embrace to see me through
This tedious path I’ve chosen here
I certainly would’ve walked away by now”

Schism is about the conflict in relationships we all have. We want things to work out, but problems happen or get in the way. And if we don’t try to make the pieces fit, it’s not gonna work.

Parabol/Parabola is the best description of mindfulness I’ve ever heard. The line “All this pain is an illusion” gets me every time I hear it.

Ticks and Leeches is a good song, don’t get me wrong. But it doesn’t go with the overall themes of the album. To be fair, telling someone that you feel is draining you of happiness to go fuck themselves can be cathartic, it doesn’t fit, in my opinion.

Lateralus is one of my favorite Tool songs. Hell, it’s of my favorite songs ever. The message of embracing the flow of life and taking it where it leads is so inspiring to me.

Which leads to the 3 part epic Disposition, Reflection and Triad. Which takes some themes from other songs and makes a final statement:
Try to let yourself go of you of your own problems before you die, even just for a moment and be ok with this messiness called humanity.

Or if you don’t, the aliens will come. At least thats what Tool says.

Doomed To Burn: Overture & Prologue

Authors note:

I orginally started posting an earlier verison of my novel awhile ago. But after adding to it and making changes, I feel that posting what I currently have will be better than the past verision. And should help you guys through this current cluster fuck. Anyway here”s wonderwall…I mean the first 2 sections of it

Hope you enjoy.



Overture: A Letter from mom


There’s nothing to prevent what’s going to happen to you. It happened to me. The heat will consume you. You can embrace it, or it gets worse.

You are doomed to burn. I wish I could apologize. But, I’m doomed too. You just have to live with it.

Love, Mom


Amber’s Prologue

Derry, NH

Amber felt like she was on fire. Not from a fever, but from frustration. She was standing in the woods about a mile away from her school. Gilbert H. Hood Middle School had some makeshift trails on the outskirts of the school, and most were used often. But Amber only knew about this one. It was her forest of solitude, so to speak. Whenever some of he got upset at school, she would try her best to hold it in. Then, during her walk home from school, she’d take out her stress. How? Well, Amber learned to focus on it. So, during that day, like the others, she had a plan. A ritual, if you will.

On her way, she walked beside a sewer drain. She made an effort to avoid it. She heard all the stories about the other Derry in New England, so she did not take any chances.

When she got there, Amber took off her backpack, jacket, and arm warmers. She rubbed her hands together and said to herself, “Mighty Sun gods, may your energy come to me…”. She held her hands open, palms open, one behind the other. She put them on her forehead and aimed them towards the bottom of a tree, near the stream.

A small, hot, and dark orange orb formed in her hands, getting hotter by the second. She let it grow and grow until she let out a small scream and pushed her hands towards the tree. The plasma from the orb cut right through the bottom of the tree. The orb landed right in the stream. Steam rose out and the rocks in the stream bed turned into obsidian.

Then, timber. The tree landed right across the stream. It formed a bridge with two rocks.

Amber took a deep breath. Relief had come. She was always glad to get it out before going home. She didn’t want Dad to worry.

She got her stuff together and started walking home. She saw some leftover plasma residue. She flicked it out over the stream. It hit a squirrel in mid-air on its journey from tree to tree. It splashed in the stream.

For a moment she felt terrible. But then again, Dad would be happy seeing her look okay. But, she knew she couldn’t hold in her tree burning secret for long.

10 and 2

When I drive myself
My life is found

I used to think everyone cares.

That was a lie.

I can’t control their feeling

I can only control my own.

But the flip side is when mistakes are made

There’s no way around hiding it.

No matter what you or they did

Blame will happen.

The wheel will turn

It shows where we are.

And how we decide to turn.


A warrior
To remain

Cry aloud
Bold and proud
Of where I’ve been
But here I am

So I made it again,
another trip around the sun

Feels like the last,
probably will again.


Sometimes the death fear comes.
The lack of all control.
But it’s coming,
Can’t stop it when my numbers called.
But you must move forward in line


When its someone elses turn
you feel sad.
or you could feel relief.

When it’s you, you can’t help the fear
totally normal, conscious monkey.
just move forward, don’t throw poo

All we can do is ride this train,
take in the sights,
Try to have fun with some of its passengers.

Just don’t jump off,
it will go on without you.

Classic Book Review: And Then There Were None By Agatha Christie

(Authors note: I subscribed to a book subscription box awhile ago to encourage myself to read a variety of books. This months didn’t disappoint )

The crime movie you like? one where you don’t know what happens until the end? Well this book, like Sherlock Holmes, set the standard for Crime and thriller novels

This book is like the game Clue. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game wasn’t inspired by it. You have a group of people that get killed off one by one. And in the end, the one who did it wanted to punish the people on the island for being guilty in their own way.

I like the way the characters interact with each other. It was really engaging and felt like you could relate to some of their traits.

The one thing that really irks me about this book is the Racism. Yes, this book was written in the ’30s. And the killer feeling superior doesn’t help either. And it’s original title….yeah….

Don’t get me wrong, It’s very well written for its time. It had a movie-like quality to it. But I felt kinda guilty about enjoying it.

But I guess that’s the whole point.


Cracked Spine

It started rather simple.
She wanted to find a book.
No, she wanted to find THE book.
The book that took her away from everything.

So she got in her car,
(Because looking for it online became boring)
arrived at the bookstore,
(Because she got tired of library late fees)
and the process started all over again.

She started browsing,
going right past the new releases,
And towards general fiction.

Starting in the A’s, she scanned threw.
Some, she recognized.
Some, she heard about.
And some she barely knew.

She saw the one that was all the rage.
The one that everyone talked about.
She couldn’t care less. That wasn’t the one.

She got towards the L’s
Avoiding the author she was obsessed with for a while.

What’s this?
She thinks, picking up a potential.
Nah. That’s too cliche.
Back down it goes.

To the R’s
Sees one with an interesting title.
Some guys nudges her by mistake
Not right now, dude

She’s frustrated. Couldn’t find it.
I’m outta here…

She walks back.
Sees one more.
Picks it up.
Reads the blurb
This could be it

Without hesitation she pays for it

Shes gets back in her car.
Lets out a sigh of relief

This could really be it
A pause.

Ill see after the 1st chapter


Double-Edged Sword

When I’m alone
My mind likes to wander
Wander more than normal

I live my life
I think it’s ok
Do people think about me?

I have friends
I initiate things
They are busy
I’m the same way

I’m told to get out
Put myself out there.
But all the actions come back
And I act awkward

I used to get frustrated
But I feel blank

I have a girlfriend
I have a daughter
I used to want more

Can’t complain
Or get frustrated

I feel like I’m on the right path.
Try to better myself

Should I let it happen?
Or put myself out there

It’s probably both
Just have to decide when and where.

I don’t know.
What do you wanna do?

May your love never end

And if you need a friend

Theres a seat alone side me


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Tool- Fear Inoculum Review

Besides reading, another thing that was a big influence on my writing is music. I can relate to some lyrics in a way that other media can’t. And one of my most influential band is Tool.

It’s hard to describe Tool’s music. Most bands have music and lyrics that you can relate to. Tool has that. But they have a vibe that feels you are going on a trip to Pluto. They even have a song about aliens and an interlude of a cat being squeezed.

Which brings me to their new album. Besides the obvious wait for it, this album is indeed a trip. For every album Tool have put out, the artwork is amazing. And the new one is a step above. In addition to the artwork,it has an HD screen that shows some of the art coming to life. It’s more expensive than most albums, but you’ll see why it’s worth the money.

As for the music, well…’s Tool. Cryptic lyrics, odd time signatures, great bass lines, guitar work,and some amazing drumming. Everything you’d expect. Some of the songs do drag in parts but its not for very long. It’s definitely not music you can throw on in the background while doing chores. It makes you think and be mindful of the music. That’s not a bad thing. I wish more bands were like that.

Tool’s one of those bands that put effort into everything their about. That encourages me to be creative.

I just hope it doesn’t take me 13 years to get my book out.

We’re all Insane: Dating lessons from a socially awkward guy (Part 2)

Part 1:

The “Friend Zone” doesn’t exist

“You can’t go forcing something if it’s just not right.”
Green Day
When I Come Around

It happens all the time: You like someone. A lot. And for one reason or another, they don’t feel the same. And they say the classic line. They want to be friends. But guess what? They don’t.

I am not saying that people that are friends can’t end up being in a relationship. It can happen.

But If you want out, just be honest and say it. It’s happened to me. It hurt but I appreciated the honesty.

Besides, if you just up friends, they might be open to helping you find someone else. If your a guy and you need help, do the one thing girls really appreciate: Ask them. They can give you a lot of insight that helped me.

Time Heals all wounds

I know….I know. It’s a cliche. But some of them are true. When it comes to relationships, it’s even truer. When things end, it can hurt. But over time and with support, It can seem like it’s gone. What happened won’t go away, but the feelings can….we hope.

We’re All Insane: Dating lessons from a socially awkward guy (Part 1)


“Most of what writers write about their work is ill-informed bullshit.”
Stephen King

I am not an expert on dating. I am also not an expert on women, despite living with three women growing up.

If you looking to get laid: first of all, why are you reading this? Secondly, just go on tinder or something. I’m not a guru or pick up artist. Fuck those guys. Actually…that might like that.

I am not a doctor, psychologist, therapist or any medical expert either. That costs money. And as someone who likes to write, well just say I’m keeping my day job.

I’m just a guy that over the years that’s had a lot of experiences (both good and bad) when it comes to dating and social interactions. I’ve always been a little socially awkward. So, there was a lot of trial and error. A lot of errors actually. But what I learned has made me a better person and partner.

These lessons are not to be taken as gospel. just things that I’ve gathered.

The explanation for the title

Everyone has quirks. We, humans, have called ourselves various things, hunters and gathers, thinkers, wanderers. But I got a better one: Rational monkeys who discovered that it wasn’t a good idea to throw poo at each other.

But we have flaws. It’s the common mindset to keep them to yourself. But that’s not healthy. I’m guilty of it too. We all are. I believe if become more honest with ourselves and realize our flaws, we will become better.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

I’m a huge fan of the Occam’s Razor principle: The most simple solution is usually the best one. This is true when it comes to dating.

The problem is that it becomes complicated. It is possible to use logic. Be mindful. Is the person you like over there in the library you are in now? Does she have headphones on? Tough luck, they are busy.

Does the guy you like always give off that bad boy vibe and always give you cold responses? Well, there might be a reason for that….

Use your brain when all it wants is to be turned off cause it feels better that way.

Grand Mountain Adventure Review

When I was a kid, I lived at my grandma’s house. And the backyard was a hill that I would sled on constantly. I would see if I could make it all the way across the street (if it was icy enough) and sometimes, I’d make it.
Now that I don’t live there anymore, I got the next best thing: this game. This game is everything great about living in cold climate: exploration, challenge, the peaceful nature. I don’t know how to ski, but it still takes me back to when I was a kid every time I play this game.
There’s tons of variety. Time trial, trick contests, ski jumps, following paths, and punching people for some reason. And you find NPCs that make it feel lived in. Makes me want to go to Sweden. Apparently the developer has a hatred for snowmobiles.
One nitpick is that the controls get some getting used to but it’s just like learning to ski I guess. Also some of the unmarked trials can be hard to follow. Thankfully there’s ski prints that show you where to go.
There’s not alot of mobile games that are worth playing. Grand Mountain Adventure is worth it. Fun, challenging and without any of the bullshit that most mobile games have. Which is nice.
And no, There isn’t a yeti in the game
Yet ….



Musings on The Dark Tower series Part 1

Note: This will contain spoilers up to Book 3 of the series

Ever since I’ve been a fan of Stephen King, I’ve heard all about The Dark Tower series. Especially the opening line:

“The man in black fled across the desert and the Gunslinger followed.”

That’s gotta be one of the best opening lines to a series. It sets up everything but makes you want to read more. And as I’ve read the series, it’s gotten more vast as it goes on.

It starts off simple. A Gunslinger (Cowboy) is on a journey towards the Tower. Why? Because he can. Along the way, he gets told that he must bring 3 people from our world to his. How he pulled it off was amazing. My imagination was going so fast. I haven’t felt that way in awhile.

To do this, he has to go inside their minds and help them come to his world. Don’t worry, the characters are just as confused at first just like I was but it made sense as I read.

The Dark Tower series so far really plays with the idea of blurring the line between fantasy and reality. How much we live in both worlds on purpose and sometimes on accident. And for what? The Tower

The fucking Tower.

That’s the thing that keeps Roland going. To go this tower that literally holds everything together. And he has to go. Why? I haven’t figured that out yet. And the characters haven’t either. I like that.

The one thing I don’t like is the over drawn sections. You learn something about a character. And he goes on….and on… and on…. I had to skip some parts because I knew what was going on but the writing was still talking about it. I get that you want depth but still…get to stuff about Roland and the Tower.

But that’s the point isn’t it? To do it because you must. You must read just like the Ka-tet must go to the Tower.

What happens then is anyone’s guess. But im loving the journey so far.


Why The Price is Right is still one my favorite shows

When I was a kid, I watched Alot of TV. I had a TV in my room and It was one of the old UHF TV’s that you had to turn the knob to change the channel.

And when I had a day off from school, I made a point to watch The price is Right. It was the high point cause I really didn’t care about the news or the talk shows. Because the Price is Right was and still is consistently entertaining.

Probably the best part (Besides the host. Yes Drew Carey is good; Don’t deny it.) Is the crowd. They are the reason I keep watching. I yelled out answers and really helped me with my reasoning and logic skills. Yes. A game show can be a great teacher.

Watching it now, it’s still the same show. It’s not a fresh look but it’s the same show. And I still watch.

And I still roll my eyes someone who bids $1 higher than the last contestant. I know it’s allowed, but come on now.


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Bastet Chapter 2: Beth and Aaron Episode 1- It Could be Zero

(Sorry for the title Gore. Didn’t know what else to call it)
Chapter 2

Beth and Aaron-Part 1: It Could be Zero.

Pittsburg, NH

Beth, Amber’s mother, was soaking in the sunset. Her job as camp counselor had ended for the day and she was in a rocking chair soaking in the last of the Sun’s rays.

She found this cabin/condo to rent out within walking distance of the camp. It was a steal all things considered.

She sat in jean shorts, and a tank top. She moved in about month ago.

She heard the screen door creak open. It was Aaron, the guy who came and went whenever he pleased. He was a counselor at the camp but got fired after he got hired for letting kids have some beer during lunch He still wore the tattered flannel shirt and blue jeans that he had when they met.

“Any beer?” He asked.

“Go check.”

Aaron grunted but looked in the cooler besides her. She barely looked at him. Looking out at the sunset. Aaron fished around and grabbed a can.

“Last one.” He remarked.

Beth looked at him with just one corner of her eyes. Then looked forward again.

“You know the rule.”

“Why can you get anything?”

“Why are you still talking? You invited yourself. Get your own if you want it.”

With that, Aaron stood there and opened the beer. He looked out at the sun too. Crickets chirped and you could faintly hear a frog ribbit. He chugged the can down and threw the can on the ground.

Aaron walked back to the door. He turned to Beth

“You win.” He said as he opened the door.

,“Then pick up your can.” Aaron stood forward and grunted again

He walked across the deck and picked the can out of the grass. He walked back and to the door.

“You got 20 minutes.” He said



“It could be zero.” He said as he walked inside.

She sat for a moment. She a brief thought about Amber and looked at the sun. She knew about it. But it was only a passing thought.

As she walked in and had her way with Aaron, she wondered how long it would take for Derek to figure it out what was with , if he knew at all.

She didn’t say anything about them to Aaron. And why bother? She knew he was better left not knowing.

Easier that way.


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The train of time

Doubt is funny

You know you can do it,

But you tell yourself no

When you fail its like you got smacked in the head

The pain goes away but the memory lingers

The train of time keeps going

Stopping only for moments.

You can’t stop it forever.

All you can do is enjoy the ride

And you hope you pull the right lever.


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Bojack Horseman Review: A show about depression and animal puns

I really have mixed feelings about this series. But I guess that’s the point of the show

It explores how depression and how it affects ourselves and others. How our views can really be affected by our own viewpoints and others as well.

And it was depressing how accurate it is when portraying depression.

But overtime, I grew to embrace its weirdness. And it’s when during the 3rd season, there was an entire episode had little to no dialogue, where it felt like a cartoon, instead of an animated comedy-drama. And a few episodes later their making jokes about abortion, and it was (mostly) done with subtlety.

Another thing it does well is it’s parody of celebrity culture. How quickly people can forget about a high profile person over time and move on to the next thing. As a writer that does it as a hobby, it would be kinda scary if it caught on.

But again I couldn’t make a show about talking animals with depression and self esteem issues…..



Paid Review: The 100


I went into my first paid (thank you @quinton_vail on twitter) with an open mind. And I told them I would give them my honest opinion on it.

….And I didn’t like this.

Most TV shows have this formula: Set it up, have basic characters, have cliffhangers, and keep them watching. The 100 has that in spades. The premise is interesting: Humanity is going back to earth after 100 years after the apocalypse. And the effects look awesome.

But then you have plots that you can see a mile away. Once the people come to earth they begin to fight against each other and i could see where it was going. And I gave up.

I get why people like shows like this. It’s a formula and it works very well. But sometimes when you see how the food is made, you don’t wanna eat it.


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Infinity War Review (Spoilers)

…….Fucking Hell….

That’s what I said when I was done watching this movie.

I’ve been watching most of the MCU and I couldn’t wait to watch this movie. And now that it’s done…

…Fucking Hell….

It was good. Really good. Funny, and entertaining as the others but this one….. Probably the most complex superhero movie I’ve seen since The Dark Knight.

The story itself is simple: Thanos wanted all the shiny things. And fucking everyone throughout the MCU trying to stop him. And this movie really felt like a war. An almost 3 hour war. And with real life, no one really wins when a war happens, even when you win.

I just couldn’t believe how everything just fell apart with a snap of Thanos’ fingers. And how everything just faded away…with no music and that feeling of everything dying….

…..Fucking Hell…..

I’m satisfied with it’s ending and how everyone fought to save the world but…. Was it worth it?

Did Thanos really hit the reset button for the right reason? And did he really care about the result?

I honestly don’t know. But man was it a ride.

And it’s really gonna be great when Thanos gets his but for now…

….. fucking Hell


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52 card pick-up: In (slight) defense of the last season of House of Cards

Writing can be either really fun or really hard to pull off. Especially when you are writing for a TV show or movie/book series that’s popular. You have to keep the vision of the thing in tact but try to continue in it so fans can still enjoy it.

But sometimes that vision can be effected by something that’s not the fault of the writer.

Case in point: House of Cards.

To be fair, how they ended it was a let down. I was watching and when I saw the credits roll I was probably like many others when I said “That’s it?!”

It was like the ending of the Sopranos. At least with The Sopranos, there was a reason for it.

If you hate the season and the ending, that’s fine. But put yourself in the shoes of the writers: You write for a mostly popular show and over time the head writer quits, and then later the actor who plays the main character gets fired while making the last season. How the fuck do you make something good?

I’ve never been involved with anything mainstream like House of Cards, but I can understand the hard task of making something as good when some things that made it good aren’t there anymore.

What I’m saying is that yes, the ending show was bad, but you gotta admit: After awhile the house of cards did go down, just not the way we hoped.

Spare Key

Sometimes people leave your life

And you never hear from them again.

You move on,you rebuild.

Gain new friends, establish new connections.

You feel like the wound is healing, but it never really does.
You wish you could see them again. Just to have closure.


But Is it really worth it?

What would I say?

What would they say?

How can I repair something that they probably completely forgotten about?

How can I when I still think about them?


Time heals all wounds doesn’t it?

But this isn’t a wound. It feels like a door.

I can only shut the door on it, but it will never be closed.

It’s like I can shut it, But she’s the only one that has the other key to lock the door.

I lost the key a long time ago,

And it’s best not to go look for it.


So when you finally lock me away,

Just realize that I’m not behind the door anymore.

And you’ll force it close

Don’t bother.

Just go open another one.

The lock is jammed anyway.


Android Game(s) of the Week: The Room series

I love mobile gaming. But most games suck. They use shady tactics and have you watch ads every 30 seconds or have you wait to play because you ran out of lives

So every week, I’m gonna tell about old and new games where you can actually play and not feel like your being played.

First off is The Room series.

No, it’s not based on the movie. (Though it would be a interesting concept for a game)

It’s a point and click game mixed with puzzle elements. It feels like your touching the things in the game. You have to use logic, memory and deduction to open a box to open another box. It’s very addicting but frustrating. Lucky for the player, there are hints (and you don’t have to buy them!!! I know!! It’s great!!)

What makes these games stand out is the presentation. They have a dark creepy vibe but it’s very subtle.

You never know what kind of puzzle your going to have to solve

Sometimes the hints can be very vague and confusing. I got stuck on the newest game and had to uninstall because I couldn’t figure out how to get a puzzle to work. Online guides couldn’t help either.

But besides those nitpicks, their great games (they’re $5 a piece but it’s worth it)

The link to the first game is below